Gage Parrish

gage-internet-picAbout Gage

Hey, my name is Gage Parrish, and this is my second and sadly my final year of CNTV because this is my last year of high school. If I could stay another year I would so I could stay in CNTV at least one last time.

However, we all have to move on at some point, and now I’m moving on the the “adult” life. I have committed to the Marine Corps. I will say that I am happy to be graduating, but I will also say it saddens me to leave.

To the future CNTV crews: Try your best and work hard. I say try because this class is about putting out information and entertainment to the rest of the school. This class will only be as fun as you make it, so don’t let it be boring, because if it is, only you and your crew are to blame. Don’t let any criticism go to your head, let it shape you and morph you into something better. Let it improve you and make you a better person at what you do.

“There is always tomorrow.”

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