Raven 11About Raven

My name is Raven Copeland and I was born in Buffalo, New York. As a child, I enjoyed being in front of the camera. I participated in several plays and singing competitions. I am a very outgoing and talkative person who loves to brighten others’ day. I enjoy shopping, participating in pageants, cheering, singing, reading, and writing. After I graduate from Southaven High School with Honors, I will be attending the University of Memphis. I plan to major in Journalism. After graduating from the University of Memphis, I plan to move to Atlanta, Georgia and pursue a career as a Broadcast Journalist. My interests include watching award shows, reading magazines, and keeping up with celebrity news; therefore, I would love to be a Broadcast Journalist for E!News, TMZ, Extra, or Entertainment Tonight. I hope to eventually venture on to become a daytime television host with my own talk show.

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